“Pearls are always appropriate”- Jackie Kennedy
Caring for Pearls

Pearls are probably one of the most delicate of all gemstones as well as being one of the oldest and most prized, they are organic by nature and not a stone or mineral.


Understanding how pearls are created gives a greater insight into why they need extra care.

Simply put a small seed is planted to irritate a pearl mollusk that secretes a substance that then

hardens, the nacre that becomes the pearl.  The thickness of the nacre is dependent on such factors as

the type of mollusk, its watery habitat and the time that the mollusk is allowed to defend itself against the irritation.

How much the nacre is allowed to thicken determines the luster and durability of the pearl.



Wear them as often as you like and with anything you like.

Have them restrung periodically as the cord they are restrung on can weaken, stretch and become soiled.

You may gently wipe cultured pearls with a slightly damp cloth.

Store them separately from other jewellery as the can scratch and become damaged easily.  Storing separately in a soft chamois bag is ideal.

Note: If by chance your pearls are very dirty a very mild soapy solution can be used, it must be rinsed off and the pearls pated dry with a soft cloth.  



Never put your pearls on before your makeup, perfume, clothing, etc.

Never submerge pearls in liquid.

Never leave your pearls under water. 

Never clean your pearls with solutions that contain ammonia or harsh detergents.

Never use abrasive cloths or cleaners.

Never under any circumstances put pearl jewelry in an ultrasonic cleaner as the vibrations can severely damage the nacre.


Remember this adage and they will last for generations……


"pearls should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off"