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Navar Black Jewellery Valuation & Appraisal Services assesses all items utilising our exclusive ten-point appraisal system to provide a factual and informed market valuation of each jewellery item. Taking into account each individual item and the intended use of the assessment we ensure a true and knowledgeable valuation.(more on types of appraisals)

Our Appraisal System

Purpose of the Appraisal


We confirm all relevant details with the customer as to  the appropriate nature of the appraisal.  This is very important as the valuation details reflect the market use of the jewellery and the type of sale or replacement of the item.



Things to Take into Account:


 i) The Precious Metal & Testing

 Metals are tested using acid or electronic analysis to determine the caratage of the  jewellery.

e.g. 24ct is 999.99 parts per 1000, 18ct is 750 parts per 1000.


ii) Identification of Gemstone/s

 Gemstones are identified using a x10 loupe  eyeglass or more complex techniques involving more advanced and specific gemmological  instruments including  binocular microscope and refractometer.


iii) Analyse the Quality of Stone/s

Grading of the gemstone is achieved through detailed analysis of its colour, cut and clarity.



Other Things to Consider


a) Antique/Period Jewellery

We are not able to apply the exact same methods of appraisal to an antique or period piece as we do with contemporary pieces. The craftsmanship and gemstone cutting must be judged by the prevalent  standards of the time. (more on time)

 iv) Analyse the Size of Stone/s         

When gemstones are set in jewellery an estimated total weight is measured and calculated, while with loose stones it is possible to  measure the positive weight  of the stone.             


v) Manufacturing Technique Identification        

An assessment is completed into how the item was crafted (cast, die struck, handmade, etc. or a combination)


vi) Manner and Quality of Settings          

There are many types of settings and components that can make up an item. Each type of setting is individually assessed for its quality and complexity, as this affects the total valuation of the item. 


b) Provenance

Three very important questions..........                

i) Who was the craftsman?

ii) Where was it made?          

iii) Who wore it?


These questions reflect on the intrinsic value of a period or antique piece. Proof that an item was made by a specific craftsman or wore by a person of note will always have a premium added to its value.


And Finally


The Valuation/Appraisal Certificate


Each component of the piece (the mount, settings and gemstones) are all given a price. The combined components  determine the estimated value based on the market value of the appropriate nature or purpose of the valuation. This is then documented with High Definition photographic evidence and a certificate is provided to the client.

Choose between a 'KEY' or a "COMPREHENSIVE"  Valuation and Certificate (see them)



Our Knowledge, Skill and Experience have been shaped by the industries we have made ourselves a part of.  Our people are as diverse as their experiences, from the Fashion Industry in the UK and Europe to the Jewellery,  Antiques and Gemmological Education Industries.


We have always prided ourselves in being at the top of our field.   Our Knowledge and Skill come from years of Experience and Diplomas in Gemmology, Diamond Grading and Technology, Valuation and Appraisal.


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“I have had a number of pieces appraised and/or valued by Craig and have been very impressed with the professional service offered. Valuations are comprehensive and Craig will patiently explain the information provided on the certificate. He clearly has a passion for fine jewellery and gemstones and has an extensive knowledge of his trade. ” Claire G.
“Craig is a talented and skilled professional with great knowledge and a detailed eye. ” Joella S.


“Thanks to the Team at Navar Black for their knowledge and passion about their field, I will be recommending them to all my family and friends.” Kerry



“Thanks to the Team at Navar Black for their knowledge and passion about their field, I will be recommending them to all my family and friends.” Kerry B.


“Your re-assured me that the Ruby I gave my wife was natural and un-treated. Thank you.” Tim P.



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